Twenty years ago there was not such a big choice of bicycles. Most people skated on a reliable bike, used when driving on any roads. Of course, it is easier to move on dirt roads on a mountain bike for this purpose. And on a lighter road, you can move faster on an asphalt road.

With the advent of the sale of many imported copies and their specialization, many people do not know how to choose a bicycle, considering:

Take a moment and accurately measure your height without shoes. Its actual growth is important to know in order to choose the right Sports bike with regard to its growth. There are times when people call it with an error as much as 10 cm.

This is the size of the frames of bicycles in inches, centimeters or written in conventional notation. Large frames (L, XL, XXL) are assembled from thicker pipes to support the greater weight of the taller cyclist. The smaller bike has an average weight of 150-200 grams smaller than the neighboring, larger, growth. A bicycle with a small frame is more maneuverable and easier to hold in a vertical position than a car with a huge frame. On models with a large frame, you can take the ideal position to develop the maximum speed.

Grid Mesh manufacturer

First of all, when choosing a bicycle, you need to look at the size grid of a particular firm. Such tables should be made by the manufacturer of bicycles. Often the necessary information can be found when searching in online stores. If the manufacturer did not provide such information, then you can choose a bicycle on the universal grid.

Universal mesh

Especially precisely the standard grids allow you to pick up a bicycle with a classic frame, assembled from two triangles.

Indirect definition

There is also a computational method for determining the growth, which will be useful for buying through the online store. To properly place a bike order, you will need to measure your height from groin to floor and multiply the resulting measurement in centimeters by a factor of 0.66 for a road bike, or 0.57 for a mountain bike. The result of the calculation is a flyover in centimeters. To translate the result into inches, it is enough to divide the value by 2.54.

Test drive

If you can ride a bike that you like, be sure to try a new car. When buying in the market or in a store, set the bike between your legs, touching the back of the saddle spout. In this position between your groin and the frame should be free space of at least 10 cm, that is, approximately at the width of the palm. Riding a bike with a too high frame is dangerous, because in case of danger, you jump off without hesitation, from the saddle and hit the crotch on the upper tube of the frame.

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